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  • When I open Internet Explorer, it does not open in full screen mode.
      1. Open a new Internet Explorer Window
      2. Without using the maximize button, drag the corners of the window until it completely fills the screen or it's the size you prefer.
      3. While holding down the Ctrl Key, click on the menu File | Close (Note: Do not use the [X] in the upper right corner to close the window.)
      4. Open a New Internet Explorer window.


      1. Right-click on the Internet Explorer Icon and select Properties.
      2. In the shortcut tab under Run - select Normal Window.
      3. Click OK.
      4. Close out of all Internet Explorer windows and re-open Internet Explorer.
  • I'm not connecting to the printer even though it shows.
      If you are connected to the printer and you cannot print please make sure your default printer is set correctly.
        1. Click the start button and select Devices and Printers.
        2. Right click on the printer you want to use and then select Set as default printer
  • My computer is running slow.
      1. Try rebooting - computers should be rebooted once a week.
      2. If the reboot did not fix the issue, please put in an eTicket so we can have a tech look at it.
  • Printing Attachments from eMail
      You can print attachments from email by double clicking the attachment and it will open up in it's default program and then you can print from there. Or you can right click on the attachment in the email and select Quick Print from the popup menu.
  • What is a file path?
      A file path is where a file is on your hard drive or on a server. Think of a computer like a file cabinet. Your "My Computer" is the while file cabinet. Your "C:" drive is a drawer in the filling cabinet. Inside your "C:" dirve, there are lots of folders and inside each folder there can be more folders and files. For example, "H:\My Folder1\Journal\MyJournal1.docx" would be the file path to the document MyJournal1.docx.
  • How To Delay Delivery Of “All” Email Items In Outlook 2010
      1. In Outlook 2010, Click File > Info and then at the bottom click the Manage Rules & Alerts
      2. The Rules and Alerts window shoudl pop-up. Click New Rule...
      3. In the rules wizard that appears under Start from a blank rule Click Apply rule on message I send then click Next.
      4. On the next window (Select Conditions) don't click anything in the top box. Simply click Next and skip it entirely.
      5. Because we selected no conditions, Outlook will prompt to apply the rule to every mesage sent from it. Click Yes to confirm this is correct.
      6. Next check defer delivery by a number of minutes. Now go down and click the blue a number of and in Deferred Delivery box that appears type in the number of minutes you would like Outlook to wait before sending emails.
      7. Next choose exceptions. To make sure that high prioirity emails get through we need to check Except if it is marked as importance. Again go down to the bototm and click the blue importance link and in teh box that appears select High. Once done click OK and then Next.
      8. At last, the final window. Under "Step 1:" type in a name for your Outlook send undo/delay delivery rule. Once you've done that, leave everything as it is and click Finish.
  • How do you setup Out of Office in Outlook?
  • Can I fix my own "printer is not spooling" issue?
      As a standard user, you can reboot your computer and that will restart the spooler but to control the service requires administrative rights. You should enter an eTicket so have IT look at it and find out why your spooler is crashing.
  • Can I map my own drivers?
      Yes, you can map your own drives.
        1. Click Start and select Computer. In the top box where "Computer" is listed, enter "\\" without the quotes and the name of your server. For Example, \\SC-SERVER1 and press enter. The shares will be listed. Right click on the share name and select map network drive from the popup menu. Select the drive letter you would like to use and click "Reconnect at logon" and finally click Finish.

        Here are the server names:
        • New Hope: NH-SERVER1
        • Park Lawn: PL-SERVER1
        • SCS: SCS-SERVER1
        • Sertoma: SC-SERVER1
        • SouthSTAR: SS-SERVER1


        1. Click Start and select Computer. Click Map Network Drive on the tool bar. On the popup window - select the drive letter you would like to use and click Browse. Browse the server for the network folder you would like to use and click OK and the Finish.
  • How can I access CareLogic from home?
      You would need to contact your administrator for CareLogic - IT does not manage that software.
  • Do you contact HR about password violations?
      You need to contact IT immediately - you can call CSP directly at 708-995-5786 x216 to report the violation. You can make it anonymous as well.
  • Can you access your calendars from gmail?
      Yes, when you log into GMail, in the upper right corner next to you name you will see the Google Apps icon (3 rows of 3 dots across) - click on it and select Calendar.
  • Why are my email pictures not showing up?
      By default, Outlook does not display images in the emails because it is a way of spammers to track to see if your email address is valid. To turn this on automatically follow these steps:
        1. Open Outlook 2010
        2. Go to the ribbon and select File
        3. Click Options
        4. In the left pane, select Trust Center
        5. Click the Trust Center Settings button
        6. Select Automatic Download from the left pane
        7. Uncheck the Don't download pictures automatically in HTML email messages or SS items checkbox
        8. Click OK
        9. Click OK to close the Outlook Options window.
  • I can't play YouTube videos?
      In order to play YouTube videos, you must have Adobe Flash installed. Please submit an eTicket to have IT verify your version of Adobe Flash Player.
  • Can I use the VPN on a MAC?
      Yes, you would need to use the SonicWall SSL VPN Client - CSP is not trained in the MAC OS so they are unable to provide support.
  • Is Facebook an OK site?
      Facebook itself is OK - the games and other applications not built by Facebook is not - Spyware or viruses can be installed
  • Can I use a different printer from my current one?
      Yes, you can. If you do not have the printer installed - please follow the How-To above on adding a printer. Then when you go to print somethng, in the print dialog box, select a different printer.
  • Why is printing through the MIP sever slow?
      When printing, you need to make sure you select the printer located on CSP's network. By default on any remote desktop connection, if you have "Bring Printers over" - that will be your default printer and it will be slow. That is why when you print you need to make sure you select "CSP-SERVER01" and your printer name.
  • Why can't I change my phone number in the eTicket system?
      Once you log in - you should click on My Preferences in the top right.
  • Why is printing to the Toshiba printer slow?
      Toshiba changed something in their software that causes it - if you delete the printer and add it back it usually fixes it.
  • Will scanned files go to network folders?
      When you scan to your folder - it will be on your H: drive under "Scans" or "Scanned Documents".
  • Why is the PayCor sign-in screen very small?
      Verify that IE is zommed at 100% (Press Ctrl-0) - if it is still small - you will need to contact PayCor.
  • Can I use PayCor on an iPad?
      You would need to contact PayCor. PayCor is not supported by CSP.
  • Is it possible to remote into a computer from phone/iPad?
      You would need to install the VPN software and the remote desktop application for your device.
  • How often are you required to change your password?
      Password for computer logins expire every 90 days. VPN Passwords expire every 30 days.
  • Can we access files outside of our company's office?
      Yes, you would need a VPN account. Please submit an eTicket to have this setup.
  • What happens when a backp occurs?
      CSP only performs backups on Server (your shared folders) - desktops and laptops are not backed up. When a backup occurs at 12 AM - it does not impact performance.
  • How to get a VPN User Name and Password?
      Please submit an eTicket and request one.
  • Can you assist me with my personal computer?
      CSP is only authorized to work on company owned equipment.
  • Can we get a new password from managers?
      CSP or your IT liaison are the only ones who can reset network passwords.
  • How can we install a program on our computers?
      You would need to enter an eTicket with the sofware you would like installed. IT is the only one who can install software. Software must be owned and licesed by your company.
  • Difference between malware and a virus?
      Trojans, worms and rootkits are all types of malware. A virus is a malicious code that spreads by infecting existing files, similar to the way a biological virus spreads by infecting living cells.
  • Where should I put data in the event of a virus?
      STOP! Shut the computer off - call CSP directly 708-995-5786 x216 and report the infection. CSP will work with you on extracting your data off and provide you with a refreshed computer/laptop.
  • Will putting emails in folders increase computer speeds?
      It may help improve speeds in Outlook but overall performance of the computer has no impact.
  • Should I clean my drives and how often do I do that?
      You should always empty the recyle bin and Internet Explorer cache at least monthly.
  • What are cookies?
      An interaction between web browsers and sites. Cookies are arbitrary pieces of data, usallay chosen by the web server, and stored on teh client computer by the browser. These cookies usually hold information about your site visit and the pages you visited. Cookies can also store login credentials to those websites or keys for authentication.

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